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Afrikaherbs - Learn how penis grows

Penis is flesh and blood. It is attached to the man’s body, as the vagina is to the woman’s. There are two ongoing growth processes for the penis in the body. They occur during specific ossasions. Discover them.


Afrikaherbs - Herbs you can use to make your penis bigger

Penis enlargement can be a confusing project. With the amount of choices available, it’s best to have a clear idea of what to use. You want to know exactly what to choose, the effects you can expect, and ideally, reviews…

Afrikaherbs - 3 exercises to grow your penis

You can enlarge your penis easily. With exercises you can do yourself, and that do not require much effort or time. What you need the most is will and patience to achieve gradual results. You can enlarge your penis bare hands or with manual devices…


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