How To Use Clove To get Pregnant In 14 Days

Here is a magical natural solution to get pregnant in 14 days with clove. This natural miracle solution made up of natural ingredients makes it possible to spontaneously start ovulation in whoever wishes to give birth. It goes for women who have a strong desire of maternity. Read to the end to know more about clove to get pregnant in 14 days.

Getting pregnant: what you need to know

If you dream of getting pregnant, for the first or second time in your life, you are at the right place. To increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly, you must first understand that there are periods that are favorable to the conception of a baby. It is then essential to know your menstrual cycle. Even if you know the clove recipe to get pregnant in 14 days, you must know your menstrual cycle in order to get pregnant. What you need to keep an eye on during your menstrual cycle?

The specifics in your cycle to get pregnant

With a duration of 28 days in general, the menstrual cycle is delimited in phases and each one has its specificity and interests. The phase known as “ovulation”, the 14th day after the beginning of periods is the ideal time to start a baby.

This phase can also begin on the 11th day after your period and end on the 17th day of your cycle. Having intercourse with your partner before and during this period can greatly increase your chances of conceiving a child. So, for the clove recipe to get pregnant in 14 days to work, you must be in your ovulation period and have a sexual relationship with your partner.

Clove to get pregnant in 14 days
The Menstrual Cycle

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Clove to get pregnant in 14 days: Set the good mood

It is important to keep your spirits high. Indeed, to conceive a wonderful baby it is not enough to just be in good physical health but also a positive state of mind. It is important to not focus all your energy on this desire.

On the contrary, take care of yourself by devoting more time to your favorite activity or hobby. This way, you will find a positive dynamic and an excellent state of mind, both of which are conducive to welcoming your little one. In this way, the clove recipe for getting pregnant in 14 days will work well.

Clove to get pregnant in 14 days
Positive state of mind

Getting pregnant: possible obstacles

The woman’s body can present certain disorders such as: tubal obstruction, adenomyosis, endometriosis, cysts and ovarian fibroids. These diseases are major causes of infertility in women. It is to help women get pregnant that we give you this free clove recipe on how to get pregnant in 14 days.

There are several other factors that can slow down the conception of a child. These factors are of health origin and are often related to the fertility of the woman.

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Magic solution: Clove to get pregnant in 14 days

Known for its flavor in meals, the clove is a fruit well used in herbal treatments. It contains active substances that promote good health and proper functioning of the body. Combined with certain herbs and used properly, this fruit will help you get pregnant quickly. Here is how to use clove to get pregnant in 14 days.

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To make the clove recipe to get pregnant in 14 days you will need :

  • Akpi
  • Clove
  • 4-sided fruit (Prékèssè)
  • black pepper


Here is the how, to prepare our recipe to get pregnant:

  • Crush into powder a handful of akpi, two 4-sided fruits and seven black peppers (all dried). Add cloves
  • Add 1 liter of warm water
  • Let it cool down completely, and strain.
  • Make the purge after your period until the 14th day

Instructions for use:

  • Cool down at the time of the purge
  • Start one pear each day (from the 4th day of the cycle until the day of ovulation).


Leave the product in the belly as long as possible. You can keep the product in a bottle in a cool place and cool it down every time you want to use it. After purging you can also drink it. Purging is essential for the success of the treatment. Please use a vaginal or rectal enema bulb, available on amazon or in drug stores.

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