Homemade recipe to naturally enlarge your dick with honey

Are you looking for an effective solution to enlarge your dick naturally? If you know that the size of your penis is not enough for you or your partner to enjoy better sexually read this article until the end.

Normal penis size

The penis develops until the end of the growth of the boy. No need to panic or make comparisons between friends: you have to wait 18-20 years to judge its final size! Let’s recall some figures so that you can situate yourself:

enlarge the dick

At rest, when the outside temperature is mild, the penis measures on average 7 to 11 cm for an average diameter of 3.2 centimeters.
When erect, it measures on average between 12 and 18 cm in length and 3 to 4 cm in diameter. Below 8 cm in erection, we can consider that we are facing a micro-penis. Only 3% of men are affected. Enlarge the dick: Why?

These things you didn’t know about the vagina

The vagina measures on average in girls 7 to 10 cm and only its anterior part has pressure-sensitive receptors. The inside of the vagina is sensitive to pressed pressure, so it is better to have a very hard and long erection. Also a long and big penis has more impact on enjoyment during sexual intercourse.How to use honey to enlarge the dick naturally?

100% natural and without side effects remedy for erectile dysfunction.

How to use honey to enlarge the penis naturally?


Honey and its virtues

Honey draws its virtues from the flower from which it comes. Lavender, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Chestnut… For centuries, people have been using honey, considered as “food”, for its countless virtues for health, but also for beauty. Honey can therefore help to enlarge the dick naturally but here are other virtues of honey.

  • For health: honey has been used for millennia for its purifying and restorative properties, it is an exceptional healing agent.
  • For the beauty of the skin: honey boosts hydration, absorbs impurities and soothes redness.
  • Honey deeply nourishes the hair and protects against dryness and external aggressions

How does honey affect the quality of erections to enlarge the penis naturally?

Indeed honey is one of the aphrodisiac foods. This is why men have been consuming it for eventful nights for ages. For starters, know that honey acts a bit like Viagra. However, it helps to improve the quality of blood circulation in the penis. Thanks to the arginine it contains. This amino acid significantly increases the synthesis of nitric oxide. Which improves vasodilation. In addition, honey allows mass distribution of testosterone in the male body.

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So, to enlarge the penis with honey, you just have to use it in regular massage of the cock in the rules of the art.

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