How to induce a double ovulation

In the life cycle of a woman, several phenomena occur on the gynecological level like an occurrence of double ovulation with the same ovary. What is double ovulation with the same ovary ? Why a double ovulation with the same ovary ? And how to naturally induce a double ovulation ?

how to induce a double ovulation

Double ovulation with the same ovary

Ovulation refers to the release of an egg for the need of fertilization. This happens once per menstrual cycle. This is the normal process of ovulation. However, during the same cycle, it happens that some women release two (or more) oocytes from their most mature follicle. This is known as double ovulation. This process happens naturally and also via induction.

how to induce a double ovulation

For any reason you may have to induce double ovulation, this post shows you one way on how. However, before you can double ovulate, your normal ovulation process must function well. Since we have obstacles that prevent regular ovulation, we advise you make sure your ovulation process is working properly before you seek to enhance it. Getting a specialist’s advice is helpful and non negotiable in case an issue arises. For all ovulation issues, you can call us at +22990411609 or click the button below.

It is important to understand that when you induce ovulation, the most probable case of fetus formation is the dizygotic fetuses formation. That is after the release of eggs, where fertilization takes place from different spermatozoa. Therefore leading to two fetuses developing at the same time but simply resembling each other as siblings.

how to induce a double ovulation

Cases of double ovulation therefore relate to ovulation from a single ovary. And the recipe in this post shows how to induce a double ovulation from a single ovary. If you wish to get better understanding before trusting this method, contact us at +22990411609, or click the button below.

Why a double ovulation ?

Double ovulation, as discussed above, results in twins. That is to say a pregnancy equals to two babies. Thus, it is a way to enhance a woman’s fertility.

The phenomenon also takes place with women under medication to promote procreation. These medications act on the fluctuations of hormones responsible for ovarian follicle development. Their action end up over stimulating the expulsion of several oocytes. This in return increases chances of getting pregnant, especially having twins. The outcome of such prescription is definitely a multiple pregnancy. And if you are after such results, it’s recommended to seek natural ways to be induced in for this state to occure. Below is also a safe alternative on how to induce a double ovulation to in a pregnancy.

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How to induce a double ovulation naturally ?

Instead of using procreation drugs, it is possible to induce a double ovulation naturally. There are different methods especially with plants to have the ability to stimulate ovulation and boost fertility. Here are two examples of plants to induce a double ovulation.

The Aloe

Aloe Vera is a famous medicinal plant. It is common for its skin benefits rather than its fertilizing properties. However, due to specific ingredients it contains, the use of aloe here triggers target actions that help you get pregnant. These are:

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle: which is a determining factor for any woman having irregular cycles and/or wishing to become pregnant.
  • Increasing the mobility of sperm: which allows them to easily reach ovum in genital tracts for fertilization to take place.
aloe vera

However, be careful not to consume it during pregnancy, as it increases the risk of uterine contractions, miscarriage or premature delivery. It is also dangerous for infants, because of its active ingredients which once in the breast milk can be potentially toxic for the baby.



Ginseng is a natural aphrodisiac remedy by excellence! It effectively increases libido and sexual desire in both men and women. This plant is therefore highly recommended to women who want to get pregnant. Because the best way to get pregnant is to multiply the number of sexual intercourse during the period of maximum fertility (between the 12th and the 16th day of the menstrual cycle). To do this, there is nothing better than a powerful natural libido stimulant such as Ginseng!

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