How To Use Cloves To Clean Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tubes are the guarantor of fertility in women. Indeed, as soon as they are affected by abnormalities that make them clogged, they jeopardize the proper functioning of the fertilization mechanism then hinders fertility. It becomes imperative and necessary to clean it to get rid of all that clog them. So, how to use cloves to clean blocked fallopian tubes is in this article as well as how a clove recipe can unclog the tubes easily.

how to use cloves to clean blocked tubes

Clogged fallopian tubes: what you should know about it ?

Fallopian tubes are part of the female reproductive system. They are tubes located on both sides of the uterus. The fallopian tubes are the junction points that connect the uterus and the ovaries. They are organs that serve as a means of transport for the ova between the ovary and the uterus in female reproductive system.

how to use cloves to clean blocked tubes

In addition, the fallopian tubes play an important role in ensuring the migration of the egg until its implantation in the uterus. So we can see that the fallopian tubes play an important role in women’s reproduction and fertility. However, just like other organs, the fallopian tubes are sometimes face certain anomalies. Several disorders can affect the permeability of the tubes resulting in its blockage. When the tubes are blocked, the movement of the egg and spermatozoa is affected and fertilization becomes impossible. Discover in the following, how to use cloves to clean blocked fallopian tubes.

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What are the factors that cause blocked tubes ?

The first factor at the origin of tubal blockage are Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) proving scientifically that chlamydia and PID can also cause blocked tubes. However, the prevention of these different infections is appropriate and necessary.

One of the major causes of blocked tubes is endometriosis. Indeed, when endometriosis is not under treatment, it can attack the fallopian tubes. What happens is the proliferation of small stones from endometrial cells clogging the tubes.

how to use cloves to clean blocked tubes

You need to be aware as you are careful because a surgical examination can also cause a tubal abnormality. For example, during an ovarian operation or an ectopic pregnancy. In other cases it can be genetic, that is to say the tubes suffer without causes since birth. How to use cloves to clean blocked fallopian tubes ?

The contribution of traditional medicine: How best to clean blocked fallopian tubes?

The traditional medicine based on the therapeutic virtues of plants since forever, does not remain silent in front of this disorder since it brings a solution to face this problem. Thanks to the plants able to look after the blocked tubes and their virtues effectively freeing the tubes of endometrial cells and completely cleaning the uterus of the woman, we have a great recipe to help you prevent and cure this disorder. How to use the cloves to clean blocked fallopian tubes ?

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How to use cloves to clean blocked fallopian tubes?

Ingredients :

  • Cloves
  • 50cl of water


  • Make an infusion of clove
  • Take the infusion morning and evening till you

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