Laurel And Clove Infusion To Get Pregnant Fast

Laurel and clove: An infusion to get pregnant fast. Did you know that simple bay leaves can change the life of a couple? Of course you do! You will discover in this article how a herbal tea made of laurel and clove infusion can help you get pregnant fast and bring joy back to the couple. And that’s not all ! With cloves that have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, you can fight against minor sexually transmitted infections. It results in a perfect solution to eradicate any blockage to pregnancy and thus promotes its induction. Read on and follow us !

Laurel and clove Infusion to get pregnant

What are the factors that slow down the arrival of a child ?

In a couple, several factors are likely to prevent the arrival of a baby. And particularly in women, there are several elements that slow down the process of conception of a baby. First of all, a woman can develop certain disorders during her life, including cysts, fibroids and myomas, not to mention blocked fallopian tubes. However, adenomyosis and endometriosis can also be the source of infertility in women. STIs or STDs are also a recurring problem.

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The virtues of Laurel leaf

Belonging to the Lauraceae family, the bay leaf is a tree widely cultivated in many gardens in Italy. This plant used as a seasoning when cooking has medicinal properties on the health. Indeed the laurel plant contains pure and vegetative essential oil.

Laurel and clove Infusion to get pregnant

It is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The bay leaves promote digestion and calm urinary tract infections. Moreover, they alleviate the pains related to the angina, and stimulate the immune system. The bay leaves intervene in the treatment of the digestive disorder. They also fight against cold and joint pain.

The properties that are present in the clove and the bay leaves are extraordinary virtues on the sexuality of the woman. Indeed they are plants which allow the woman to become pregnant and this, naturally. We are going to reveal to you in the continuation of this article how an infusion containing bay leaves and clove can enable you to become pregnant fast. With plants such as fenugreek you can also enlarge your buttocks and your pelvis, which will make you more attractive in bed.

Laurel and clove: Infusion to get pregnant fast


  • Bay leaves
  • Cloves


  • Add 21 cloves and 7 bay leaves in one liter of hot water previously boiled

Application :

  • Drink 1/2 liter of the infusion in the morning and 1/2 liter in the evening
  • Make sure to begin the treatment on the first day of your menstrual cycle

However, we have a natural treatment ready to use that can boost your ovulation and allow you to get pregnant fast. Write to us via Whatsapp by clicking on the button below and for more information.

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