Nep Nep, A Miracle Plant Against Cysts, Fibroids And Myomas

Nep Nep goes by the name of “Acacia nilotica”, “Baala” or “Bara” . It is a tropical plant with numerous medicinal virtues. Belonging to the Fabaceae family, this plant is mainly grows in West Africa, especially in Senegal. It serves in the treatment of several diseases in traditional pharmacopoeia. You can make use of it with a natural recipe rich in its virtues. Discover in this content the nep nep, an effective plant against cysts, fibroids and myomas.

Nep Nep cysts fibroids myomas

The virtues of nep nep on human health

Whether it is the leaves, the roots or even the fruit, all the components of Nep Nep are very useful in herbal medecine. Starting with the fruit, the nep nep is a virtuous oblong, linear and flattened pod. Like the roots, the pod has anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal, antispasmodic, antimalarial and anti-dysenteric properties. The fruits also contribute to the manufacture of healing powder.

Nep Nep cysts fibroids myomas
Nep Nep Leaves

As for the root, it is a very important ingredient in the preparation of a diuretic potion. The latter is likely to cause an increase in urinary secretion and serve in the treatment of high blood pressure. It can also serve to relieve heart failure, certain edemas, portal hypertension or hyperkalemia.

The virtues of Nep nep

The decoction of acacia nilotica allows to treat problems related to male fertility, including sexual impotence. However, contrary to the small cola recipe, the nep nep is rather an ally to the woman.

Nep Nep natural treatment against cysts myomas and fibroids

For women, the nep nep pod combined with gongoli and clove in boiled decoction, result in a cure for vaginal infections and maintain effectively the intimate parts of the woman. It helps to fight against the gastric odors, the oral affections, the hemorrhoids, the abundant white discharge without forgetting the itchings. It also tightens and strengthens the vagina after multiple deliveries and helps to increase sexual desire.

Due to its antibiotic properties, nep nep help in the treatment of cysts, fibroids and myomas.

Recipe based on nep nep to cure cysts, fibroids and myomas

Here is the special recipe based on nep nep that the AFRIKAHERBS centers traditional healers offer you free of charge. This recipe will help you get rid of cysts, fibroids and myomas for good.

Ingredient: Acacia nilotica or Nep Nep (commonly called Agbani).

Preparation: Make the infusion

Application: Drink a bamboo glass two to three times a day. You can also let the water cool and use it for your intimate baths and cleansing. This recipe is very effective.

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