Therapy 08: Adenomyosis Ultimate Remedy


Adenomyosis corresponds to the settlement of the endometrial tissue on the uterus lining. In short, adenomyosis is the internal form of endometriosis. It corresponds to mucous cells integrating the muscles of uterine lining (the myometrium) and causing enlargement of the myometrium. Adenomyosis is either diffuse, focal, superficial or deep. Diffuse adenomyosis is the most frequent type.

AFRIKAHERBS offers a 100% plant-based treatment . The therapy is powerful at healing completely adenomyosis. It prevents stagnancy of endometrial fragments inside the mucous membrane. At the end, results are effective and adenomyosis cured.

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Adenomyosis ultimate remedy

Uterine pathologies are both internal and external. Indeed while endometriosis is external to the uterus lining, adenomyosis is internal. . In most cases, it is asymptomatic. The diagnosis is often performed next to unbearable pain during menses or sexual intercourse. To make things worst no treatment seems able to cure this disease that wears down and makes sex, work and family life difficult. The good news is AFRIKAHERBS offers treatments that relieve and cure. Discover therapy 8: Adenomyosis ultimate remedy, and fight infertility.

Adenomyosis: definition

adenomyosis remedy

Adenomyosis is responsible for 30% of women not being able to conceive. It is responsible for a high rate of spontaneous miscarriage. Sterile women affected by Adenomyosis present a significant decrease in eggs implantation rate. For all intents , there is a link between endometriosis and adenomyosis. A woman who suffers from endometriosis might not suffer from adenomyosis and vice versa. However, both uterine conditions can make a case for a woman’s infertility.

The exact origins of adenomyosis are not known. According to scientists, the disease depends on the level of estrogen in the blood. Therefore, women who already underwent pregnancy or uterine surgery, like a caesarean section, are at greater risk of developing adenomyosis.

Symptoms of Adenomyosis

In general, adenomyosis is asymptomatic, meaning that it does not present symptoms. However, in some cases, we may notice heavy and prolonged periods (menorrhagia); pain from menstrual cycles (dysmenorrhea); pelvic pain etc… The most frequent symptom of adenomyosis is heavy and prolonged menstruation. Menorrhagia is recurrent with 50% of women suffering from adenomyosis. It also causes blood flow outside of menstruation and pain during sexual intercourse.

What about therapy 8: Adenomyosis ultimate remedy

adenomyosis remedy

AFRIKAHERBS offers is 100% plant-based solution. The therapy is very effective at healing completely adenomyosis. It prevents stagnancy of endometrial fragments inside the mucous membrane. At the end of the treatment, results are effective and adenomyosis cured. Place your order below and begin your treatment. You can also visit our store to discover powerful and ready-to-use treatments for your health and happiness.

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