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You want to improve your sexual life or simply feel better ? You are at the right place. AFRIKAHERBS helps you naturally enlarge your penis. Affection, care and attention are good, but penis size matters too. We are familiar with ways of growing the penis and we know how hard it is to get results. If you wish to considerably enhance your sexual life and spend better moments with your partner, we recommend this therapy. It’s strcitly made out of plants and present no side effects or complications.

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Anxiety and loss of confidence are not the only motives of penis enlargement. Indeed, factors like fat, bad blood flow and even misproduction of hormones shorten the penis. However if you wish to go through the process, trust nothing but Afrikaherbs to help you naturally enlarge your penis.

NATURALLY ENLARGE THE PENIS: When to enlarge the penis ?

Fat around the pubic area shorten the penis. Bad blood flow prevents proper rigidity and length . Misproduction of hormones cause shortening of the penis, either as inborn defect, simple dysfunction or advanced age phenomena .

Scars and plaques from diseases such as the peyronie disease abnormally curve the penis and shorten it . Age advance is a source of penis decrease since testostrone levels diminish and reduction of erections occur . Nerve damage from surgeries particularly prostate surgeries reduce the penis size by a considerable amount . Finallly, abnormally small penis or medical disorders can simply affect the overall functions of the penis.

Plus a short penis do not solely cause sexual dissatisfaction or low esteem. It impairs urinary functions and fertility. It makes sexual intercourse difficult, decreases the amount of semen that reaches the upper vagina, and disturbs urine stream. So whenever one faces such reality penis enlargement is a necessity .

However, why should you choose to naturally enlarge your penis ?

Common methods

Numerous methods promote length and girth of the penis.

Exercises rely on tearing the penis tissues so they look engorged when healing. Jelqing as one of those, promote stretching the shaft of the penis to achieve elongation and widening.

Suppplements might improve blood circulation and erections, but do not increase the penis size.

Devices seek the same results. Penile tractions weight on the shaft of the penis to stretch it gradually. You have to wear them for a period of the day. Clamps and rings, wrap the penis and squeeze it to stretch it out. Vacuums, and pumps engorge the penis with blood. In the best cases, they help achieve erection or cause sponginess of the penis skin. That makes the penis look thicker but do not increase its size.

Synthesized lotions and creams utterly increase blood flow, but not the size of the penis.

Penile injections rely on natural or synthetic fillers. Fat, hyaluronic acid and materials such as silicone and paraffin are injected along the shaft of the penis .

Finally cosmetic surgery come into play with methods such as fat grafting, lipectomy or implants .

However why should you choose to naturally enlarge your penis ?


For common methods, the risk outweight the presumed benefits and injury or scarring occur .

Lotions,creams, and oils provoke skin irritation or allergy. Clamps and Rings cut off blood flow, cause bruising, hematomas, and nerve damage.

Vacuum, pumps injure if the suction is too extreme or worn for too long. Urethra bleeding and bruising occur when superficial veins rupture

When it comes to injections, uneven absorption, lead to an abnormal curvature of the penis. Plus the body reabsorbes much of the fat.

Hyaluronic acid injections commonly cause loss of sensation .

In case of disastrous results you witness infection, tissue hardening, skin death and lastly, penis loss.

So without a doubt, common methods are not without consequences. In face of the risk presented, betting on safer alternatives is absolutely a much informed decision. That’s why AFRIKAHERBS offers you safety and efficiency . How does our therapy work to help you naturally enlarge your penis ?

NATURALLY ENLARGE THE PENIS: What makes the AFRIKAHERBS therapy work so well ?

AFRIKAHERBS’s therapy includes many special plants, some of which from sacred forests around the world.

However, many ingredients you are also familiar with. Garlic, Aloe Vera, baobab tree bark, fenugreek allow genitals enhancement. They are very active in this therapy to naturally enlarge your penis. They actually reinforce previous processes, carefully initiated to deliver effective results.

The therapy increases hormones in the blood, especially testosterone. This enhances secondary sexual characteristics, including penis size, body mass, quantity and quality of sperm. Several plants of which, TRIBULUS TERESTIS or CISSUS QUAD guarantee production of hormones and grant aphrodisiac effects. Then we target blood flow for better quality and frequency of erections, because more erections, bigger penis.

Then enlargement, muscular resistance, act with elements such as Gouro root and ginseng.

The therapy combines action of specific plants to grant effects and performance in the results you seek.

Choose AFRIKAHERBS’s therapy #1 today, to naturally enlarge your penis.


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