Therapy 14: Testicular Varicocele Herbal Medecine


Varicocele is a disease due to the dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord. This therapy AFRIKAHERBS allows to cure testicular varicocele definitively while avoiding surgery. It regulates the shape and the echo-structure of your testicles and corrects the dilations which surround the spermatic cord. You recover testicles in good shape and set on the path to cure infertility.

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Varicocele stems from the dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord. To fully play his role in reproduction , man needs his reproductive apparatus in good condition. Therefore, it is always necessary to take care of it, especially when the penis is in bad condition. Indeed, several diseases can prevent man from being a father or cause serious damage to his reproductive system. We have for example the testicular Varicocele which can cause sterility in men. Indeed, if you have a problem of sterility, here is your testicular varicocele herbal medecine.


testicular varicocele herbal medecine

The spermatic cord is in the bursa, above and around each testicle. The dilation of the cord is the result of malfunctioning valves located in the veins. The malfunctioning valves prevent blood from flowing up to the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. This testicular varicocele herbal medecine aims to correct such state of the veins. There is no known cause for varicocele. So what are the symptoms of varicocele ?




Generally, varicocele has no symptoms. It causes an increase in the volume of the sick testicle. Thus, one can know that one has varicocele if one notices an increase in one or more testicles. This enlargement is due to the increase in the volume of the veins in the scrotum. The testicles may feel heavy. In the severity of this disease, it can lead to a decrease in sperm count and sperm quality. And this makes the sick man sterile. Therapy 14: testicular varicocele herbal medecine totally suppress such state of health.

When varicocle leads to sperm dificiency, you can give the production a boost, by using this recipe of cassava to naturally increase sperm (spermatozoa).

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The testicular varicocele herbal medecine


When the diagnosis shows palpation or ultrasound, it is urgent to find a solution quickly so as not to worsen testicles health. Therapy 14: Testicular Varicocele Herbal Medecine quickly helps. This herbal blend will help you get rid of varicocele once and for all, without having to rely on surgery (ligating the spermatic veins).

testicular varicocele herbal medecine

Keep in mind that if you suffer from oligospermia or total azoospermia related to a unilateral or bilateral testicular varicocele, you should first think about treating the cause (varicocele) instead of the consequence (oligospermia). Because as long as the testicular varicocele is present, the dilation of the veins will inhibit any treatment aiming at enriching the sperm in quality or quantity. Remember that in the case of a varicocele the testicle is poorly irrigated with blood. An organ that lacks blood will also lack nutrients and will not be able to assume the full capacity of its functions. Therapy 14: Testicular varicocele Herbal Medecine is the solution to correct your dilatation.

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