Therapy 04: Gongo Woman – Tighten And Moisten Your Vagina


Gongoli is mainly a fabolous female aphrodisiac . However, it provides multiple health benefits as it disinfects and removes impurities from women’s body. It is a natural purifier and a very much “man catcher” as its effects make it a reliable asset for seduction .Our gift to you is this therapy centered around natural lubrication . It grants good natural perfume to the vaginal flora and fights urinary infections. The ingredient at its core, the “root of pleasure”, also relieves from menses and childbirth pain.

You regain tightness and elasticity as before childbirths and vagina loosening.

You can place an order on this treatment by contacting a representative directly at +22990411609 or by clicking here. We wil follow up with any concern you may have.


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