Few Tips To Overcome Premature Ejaculation.

Retaining sperm long enough during lovemaking is often a bliss. This is true for men who have difficulty delaying their ejaculation. Some men succeed, while others have difficulty. Among those who succeed, few at some point will also suffer the same problem in a temporary way. For reasons like stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, a normal and healthy person can at times suffer premature ejaculation. This is because it is a physiological as well as a physical problem. So for people who are resolutely premature, in a prompt and permanent way, it is good to accompany their efforts with more than good intentions. Practices and treatment intended to improve their resistance to sexual stimulation, in a progressive way is best if it’s in a natural form. Here, we share tips that allow in the long run to permanently relieve you from premature ejaculation. These tips are simple sexual habits, to overcome premature ejaculation.

Tips : Keep a fixed partner to overcome premature ejaculation

The first habit is to adopt a couple life or at least a unique sexual partner.

The purpose of having a unique partner, is that much of sexual stimulation comes from seeing the partner naked. Stimulation from sight varies, and is more intense when the contact is new.

Seeing the naked body of a partner at first excites and more gradually with time. So a premature ejaculator who always has new partners and sees new nudity time and time again always has less chances of overcoming his disorder. In face of such intensity, he always has the same reaction which is to be very excited and ejaculated quickly. (Source.)

For him, new naked female bodies, only maintains his level of premature ejaculation disorder.

However, in front of a body he is familiar with, the intensity of the stimulation tends to be less. In such circumstances, he is also more confident. Therefore, he is more likely to climax much longer after seeing the woman naked. That, decreases the risk of early ejaculation before penetration and during the first minutes.

On second hand however, having a steady partner is helpful for a premature ejaculator, since a partner or a coach can agree to help you improve to last longer. Your partner can agree to accompany and support you in your recovery. It is a process in which having someone who understands and assists you is beneficial.

Tips : Rely on foreplay to overcome premature ejaculation

During foreplay, stimulation and desire are intensified as wished. For premature ejaculators, this is useful. The intensity of stimulation during foreplay allows to ejaculate before penetrating the woman.

However, if you want to delay ejaculation, instead of rushing through the act, foreplay can help you ejaculate after some time. Then, when you finally start the act, you enjoy it much better. So take time for foreplay since it gives a chance to ejaculate slower and with time. Therefore during penetration you are less likely to ejaculate quickly and more likely to last longer.

Tips : Favor advantageous positions to overcome premature ejaculation

The position you adopt during sex is important, because positions greatly influence the sensitivity that the penis feels during sex. Some positions are more pleasurable and stimulating than others. For a premature ejaculator, it is important to choose the right positions. He will last longer and gradually improve resistance to sexual stimulation. So, if you are one of them, here are some positions to lengthen your lovemaking while giving pleasure to your partner.

Position to last long – Woman on top

Positions in which the woman is on top are positions of choice for a premature ejaculator. With the woman on top, there is a slight discomfort and the woman has to make the most movements. All is due to this slight discomfort and passivity added to the fact that the man’s penetration is shallow. When he wants to make movements in this position, he is forced to a slow pace. That reduces the risk of a quick ejaculation.

Thus, apart from the woman’s torso being well outlined, the man’s sexual stimulation is still less intense. On the other hand, for the woman, these positions are very exciting. They easily find their G-spot and have more chance to cum before the man. So this is a position, that prolongs the duration of lovemaking, while giving the partner maximum pleasure.

Position to last long – The cross

As the woman is above, the cross forces the man to have slow movements and a less deeper penetration. However, the position allows contact with the erogenous zones at the beginning of the woman’s vagina. The man enjoys but the woman enjoys even more from the penis action on these sensitive parts of her vagina.

In addition, one of the man’s hands remains free, which allows him to caress the woman’s breasts, or her clitoris. This increases her stimulation and leads her to cum even faster. So this is also a good position to go further in lovemaking while giving pleasure to his partner.

sexual habits to get rid of premature ejaculation

Position to last long – The spoon

In the spoon position, you don’t have to force yourself to give your partner pleasure. The shape of the bodies leave room for stimulation by caresses. For example, you can enjoy kissings on the neck, during the whole position. Its advantage is that it allows pleasure with minimum comings and goings in the woman’s vagina… Indeed, in this position the woman puts her legs in a closed way. She encloses her vagina on your penis and you enjoy all its moisture and warmth with very little movements. This allows you to feel the sweetness of the act for a longer period.

sexual habits to get rid of premature ejaculation

All you need to avoid!!!

Before mastering your ejaculation period, avoid as much as possible doggy style or missionary. Refrain from feeling all the vagina’s heat, depth and moisture all at once. As a premature ejaculator, the intensity is too great and you may not last long. If you like this kind of position, reserve it for the ending of your lovemaking. Wait long enough or until your partner had enough pleasure, and then use it to release your excitement at last (ejaculate).

Boss Ejaculator To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Having treated and dealt with premature ejaculation for a long time, we have developed a formula based on plants. It acts on the physical causes of premature ejaculation.

When combined with appropriate sexual habits as prescribed above, you get rid of premature ejaculation in a matter of time. Indeed, the plants we selected to develop the formula, greatly influence relaxation of the muscles responsible for ejaculation. The action of the plants allows you to reinforce the control on these mechanisms to naturally delay your ejaculation. The composition acts on all the mechanisms regrouping the muscles triggered by physiological stimulation. With Boss Ejaculator, and these sexual tips, you will be able to effectively overcome premature ejaculation.

sexual habits to get rid of premature ejaculation


Try our tips to last longer in lovemaking. Tell us if you find them useful in the comments, as you can also suggest the ones you know and use yourself.

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