Combining Antiretrovirals with this Natural Treatment to Eliminate HIV

HIV is a virus that weakens the body’s defense against microbial attacks. After it leads to the development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). However, individuals living with HIV-AIDS have the option to combine antiretrovirals with a natural treatment to potentially eliminate HIV.

Combining Antiretrovirals with this Natural Treatment to Eliminate HIV

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Understanding Antiretrovirals

Antiretrovirals are a group of drugs used to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections. These medications serve two main purposes:

  1. Reduce the viral load, which is the amount of HIV RNA in the blood, to undetectable levels.
  2. Restore the CD4 count to a normal level.
Antiretrovirals with this Natural Treatment to Eliminate HIV

Antiretrovirals come in various classes based on how they work against HIV:

  • Reverse transcriptase inhibitors
  • Protease inhibitors
  • Entry (fusion) inhibitors
  • Post-attachment inhibitors
  • Integrase inhibitors
  • Attachment inhibitors

These drugs hinder HIV replication within cells, leading to a significant reduction in viral load in the blood within days or weeks. As viral replication slows down, the destruction of CD4 cells by HIV is minimized, allowing the CD4 count to increase gradually, leading to a partial restoration of the immune system. Over time, with the use of antiretrovirals, the CD4 count may return close to normal, and the immune system can continue to strengthen.

Combining Antiretrovirals with a Natural Treatment to Eliminate HIV

At AFRIKAHERBS, there is hope for curing HIV. The treatment offered combines antiretrovirals with a natural therapy centered around the use of red jatropha, along with the Universal Panacea product. This natural therapy aids in fighting the virus within the body and reducing the viral load.

As the treatment progresses, the viral load decreases steadily until it reaches a threshold where the immune system becomes strong enough to permanently combat the virus.

Numerous patients have already undergone this therapy and have tested negative for HIV. This proves that HIV-AIDS can be cured, and the therapy provided by the AFRIKAPURE center is a testament to its effectiveness.

To cure HIV-AIDS, individuals should combine antiretrovirals with this natural treatment. For more informations about Natural Remedy No 15: HIV-AIDS, or to obtain the treatment, you can contact the herbalist at +22990411609 or click on the WhatsApp button for further assistance.

In conclusion, a combination of antiretrovirals with this natural treatment may offer hope for permanently eliminating HIV. With the right approach and medical guidance, individuals may achieve positive results and witness the potential to eliminate HIV.

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