Exercises For Adequate Penis Growth

You can enlarge your penis easily. With exercises you can do yourself which do not require much effort or time. What you need the most is will and patience to achieve gradual results. You can enlarge your penis bare hands or with dedicated devices. Here are 3 effective exercises for adequate penis growth all with your bare hands.

Penis growth exercise 1

  • Grab the tip of your penis (the glans)
  • Extend it forward, and hold it steady for 10 seconds
  • Repeat the same gesture, left and right for 10 seconds
  • Repeat the gestures for up to 5 min maximum

You can do this exercise once or twice a day.

penis growth exercises

Penis growth exercise 2

  • Grab the tip of the penis and stretch it forward
  • Squeeze the penis at its base as you stretch it
  • Keep the base of the penis pressed and its head stretched for 10 seconds
  • Repeat the same gestures by turning the penis left with pressure at the base on the right side
  • Finally, repeat the same gesture to the right with the pressure at the base on the left side

Apply this exercise twice a day, and make it last 2 minutes.

penis growth exercises

Penis growth exercise 3

  • Make an O sign with the index finger and the thumb, at the base of the penis
  • Squeeze the ring formed with the thumbs around the penis so as to exert a slight pressure on it
  • Slowly move the ring up to the penis glans and repeat it for 20 minutes

Do this exercise once or twice a day. This exercise is also refers to as jelqing.

penis growth exercises

The purpose

The purpose of all these exercises is to allow the penis to expand its erectile tissue and to improve impulse of blood flow to the glans. This is what allows the penis to grow. To increase the effects tenfold and obtain better results, each of the exercises can be coupled one with another.

The aim is to accelerate the time to obtain results and to increase the enlargement of the erectile tissue by practicing the exercises.

For this purpose, mechanical devices such as penis pumps can be used. However, in order to avoid additional hassle and to keep the efforts as simple and easy as possible, we recommend the use of non-mechanical methods to accompany the exercises. Instead of adding penis pumps or pull-ups, we recommend herbal teas and creams that can be used along with or before the exercises.

So by practicing any of the above exercises, you can have any of the following combinations.

Exercise 1 and garlic tea

According to science, the hypotensive properties of garlic causes a dilation of blood vessels. Garlic contains vasodilative properties that allow it to intervene in the treatment of natural products to enlarge the penis.

Thus, to make a tea of it to accompany penis growth exercises and to enjoy the benefits from the use of garlic during the same period, you can follow the recipe below.

To prepare the herbal tea, get:

  • One dried garlic clove
  • One dried bitter cola nut

To prepare the tea:

  • Crush all the ingredients to make a powdered mixture
  • Infuse one tablespoon of the mixture in 1 liter of hot water, or mix with a drink of your choice. Take 1/2 liter morning and evening.

Exercise 2 and penis massage


  • 3 tablespoons of avocado powder
  • 2 tablespoons of shea butter
  • 2 tablespoons of fenugreek oil


  • Pour each portion of the ingredients into a container and mix together
  • Then, use the mixture to massage the penis before the beginning of the exercise

Two to 3 times a day during 1 month, this massage will improve the results of your penis growth exercises.

Actually, shea butter allows a few weeks after use, to feel an increased irrigation of the penis. The avocado contains vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that widens the blood vessels, including the cavernous bodies of the penis. The natural ingredients in fenugreek increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and stimulate the division and growth of penis cells, thus increasing its length and thickness.

Exercise 3 and honey consumption

Honey helps to improve the quality of blood circulation in the penis. Thanks to the arginine it contains, it significantly increases the synthesis of nitric oxide, which improves vasodilation. In addition, the honey for band is effective because it helps the penis to be gorged with blood. It hardens, swells and is thus maintained more easily. It also contains zinc, which is involved in the production of testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone par excellence. It regulates sexual desire, eroticism and vigor.

Finally, honey is full of vitamins and antioxidants that help take care of the thousands of small blood vessels in the penis.

Honey is therefore a good ally to the penis’ health. To benefit from it, it is enough to take 1 tablespoon of it morning and evening to accompany the exercises of enlargement of the penis.

All penis growth exercises and Gigatopsex

Gigatopsex is a set of plants analyzed, treated and conditioned. It is a digest of its powerful active attributes developed to allow the men to naturally enlarge their penis. In addition to boosting the male libido, and to improve the erectile functions, it is an interesting complement to accompany the exercises of enlargement of the penis. Use it with any of the above exercises for even more amazing results. It is taken just like an infusion and will enhance the results expected from the penis enlargement exercises.

naturally enlarge penis

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